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The name Worner was first found in Lestershire and recorded

 in the Domesday Book as Warnerus and Warnerius.

The name is composed of two elements Warin meaning guard,

 and Hari meaning soldier

There are a number of variations, some being,

Warner, Worner, Warnar, Wornor, Warnere

Worner Motto is:

Non nobis tantum nati

Translation is:

We are not born for ourselves alone

William Warner

William Warner is the first recorded name in our family tree. Born in Aller, Somerset, England in 24th November1552.

Some records show he was married twice, first to Joan Paddocke or possibly her surname was Pedderlie. There is a local lane named Pedderlie Lane which strengthens the possibility her surname was Pedderlie.

Some early records show they had a daughter named Agnes born in 1585, but other records show a Agnes born in 1587. This creates two possibilities that they are the same with one of the dates being wrong or Agnes born 1585 died and they name a second child which was also named Agnes. This was not uncommom in those days.

Joan died in 1589

William remarried to Maude Collins and they had a som Thomas in 1591

William died in Aller in 1601 at the age of 49.


DNA Paternity Test

This test shows that our ancestors belong to the Haplogroup R1b which originally appeared in Western Europe and from there migrated to other parts of the Globe

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